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A9F75340 Acti9 iC60N 3P 40A D curve 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) - Schneider Electric (Acti9 iC60N) - Rated current 40A - 3 poles (3P) - D-curve - Short circuit breaking capacity (Icu) 10kA (415Vac) - 3 modules - Cage-clamp - DIN rail mounting

Primary brand
Schneider Electric
Secondary brand
Merlin Gerin
Main function
Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
Product series / family name
Sub-range name
Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
Rated current
Rated Voltage (AC) - Phase-to-neutral
240 V
Rated operating voltage (Ue)
440 V
Rated Voltage (DC)
Rated impulse voltage (Uimp)
6 kV
Rated insulation voltage (Ui)
500 V
3 Pole(s)
Protected poles
3 Pole(s)
Tripping curve
Ultimate short circuit current breaking capacity (Icu)
36kA (130Vac)
20kA (240Vac)
10kA (415Vac)
6kA (440Vac)
10kA (180Vdc; 3 poles in series)
Short circuit current breaking capacity (Icn)
6 kA
Service short circuit current breaking capacity (Ics)
27kA (133Vac)
15kA (240Vac)
7.5kA (415Vac)
4.5kA (440Vac)
10kA (180Vdc; 3 poles in series)
Service short circuit current breaking capacity as a percentage of Icu (Ics%)
(AC) 75 %
(DC) 100 %
Size in modules (1 module = 18mm)
3 Module(s)
Mounting mode
DIN rail
Net Height (mm)
91 mm
Net Width (mm)
54 mm
Net Depth (mm)
78.5 mm
Technology used in component
Visitrip (visible mechanical trip indication)
VisiSafe (positive breaker poles open indication)
Electrical durability (with load)
10 000 operations
Mechanical durability (at no load)
20 000 operations
Manufacturer product status
Rated Voltage (AC) - Phase-to-phase
440 V
Compliant with standard(s)
IEC 60898-1
IEC 60947-2
Degree of pollution
Type of terminals




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