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7000-12121-6350100 MURRELEKTRONIK M12 male 90¡ with cable PUR 5X0.34 black UL/CSA, drag chain 1m

No./diameter of wires 5_ 0.34 mm_
Wire isolation PP (br, wh, bl, bk, gnye)
C-track properties 10 Mio.
Material (jacket) PUR (UL/CSA)
Outer ¯ 4.8 mm ±5%
Bend radius (moving) 10_ outer ¯
Temperature range (fixed) -40...+80 ¡C
Temperature range (mobile) -25...+80 ¡C
Cable identification 635
Cable Type 3 (PUR)
Approval (cable) cURus (AWM-Style 20549/10493); CE conform
Cable weight [g/m] 41,80
Material (wire) Cu wire, bare
Resistor (core) max. 57 ½/km (20 ¡C)
Single wire ¯ (core) 0.1 mm
Construction (core) 42_ 0.1 mm (multi-strand wire class 6)
Diameter (core) 5_ 0.34 mm_
AWG similar to AWG 22
Material (wire isolation) PP
Material property (wire isolation) CFC-, halogen-, cadmium-, silicone- and lead-free
Shore hardness (wire isolation) 70 ±5 D
Wire-¯ incl. isolation 1.25 mm ±5%
Color/numbering of wires br, bk, bl, wh, gnye longitudinally striped
Stranding combination 5 wires twisted around central filler
Shield no
Material (jacket) PUR
Material property (jacket) CFC-, halogen-, cadmium-, silicone- and lead-free, matt, low-adhesion, machine easy to process, abrasion-resistant, hydrolysis and microbial resistant
Shore hardness (jacket) 90 ±5 A
Outer-¯ (jacket) 4.8 mm ±5%
Color (jacket) black
chemical resistance good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals (EN 60811-404)
thermal resistance flame retardand UL 1581 Section 1090 (H), CSA FT2 / IEC 60332-2-2
Nominal voltage 300 V AC
Test voltage 2500 V AC
Current load capacity to DIN VDE 0298-4
Temperature range (fixed) -40...+80 ¡C, (+90 ¡C at max. 10 000 operating hours)
Temperature range (mobile) -25...+80 ¡C, (+90 ¡C at max. 10 000 operating hours)
Bend radius (fixed) 5_ outer ¯
Bend radius (moving) 10_ outer ¯
No. of bending cycles (C-track) max. 10 Mio. (25 ¡C)
Travel speed (C-track) max. 3 m/s
Acceleration (C-track) max. 10 m/s_
Torsion stress ±180¡/m
No. of torsion cycles max. 2 Mio. (25 ¡C)
Torsion speed 35 cycles/min
Jacket Color black




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